3 Ways Eating Healthy Can Actually SAVE You Money

If you’re like so many other women, you may think eating right = expensive. This can be an enormous hindrance to your ability to move forward and achieve your goals of better health. Many of the reasons that come to mind for people are a myth or a half truth.

So I’m going to give you 3 ways it can actually save you monthly. Actually, I ended up with 2 bonuses because I kept thinking of more ways! 

  1. You are eating less often – when you are satisfied with the right kinds of foods you go from burning sugar to burning fat and go longer between meals. So gone will be the days of eating every 2 hours just to stay full or keep energy up. Don’t know if you’re a sugar burner? If you experience the following, chances are high that you are:
    • You snack regularly
    • You’re irritable when you haven’t eaten
    • You crave carbs and sugar
    • You deal with abdominal fat
  1. You’ll eat out less often – this partly goes back to number 1, so when you are a more efficient at burning fat you won’t be in a constant state of feeling ravenous. You’ll more than likely find yourself being able to pass by the drive through with far more ease. Not to mention, when you’re eating the right foods that fuel your body, you’re seeing results and you don’t WANT to hinder your progress. Better sleep, better digestion, better mood, better focus, better energy. Yeah, no thanks Burger King!
  1. You will be snacking far less often, which also takes us back to number 1 since you will be fuller for longer. Think of all the snacks in your pantry right now. Envision yourself putting every single box of cookies, crackers, chips, etc., in a box and throwing them away. Does that make you a little bit nervous? Are you thinking of all the money you’re throwing away? Exactly! It costs to buy all those snacks and you simply don’t need them when you’re eating the right foods. That leads to physical and financial snack freedom!

Bonus #1: You end up planning your meals so you get the things at the grocery store you’ll actually use for specific meals instead of just randomly throwing things in. When you have a specific way of eating, you tend to buy the things you’ll need for those meals and maybe a few healthy snacks. That’s it.

Bonus #2: You don’t have to buy all organic food. If your budget allows for all organic, that’s great, but it doesn’t have to be all organic when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Look at the Clean Fifteen and the Dirty Dozen HERE for a guideline.