Passing on the Torch of an Old Family Business

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An old family business: Today’s podcast is a little different. I don’t have any tips. This is really just me and you chatting. It’s like we’re sitting across the table having a cup of coffee. And I’m just telling you about my week. I kind of hope you feel like that, that every single podcast that we’re just sitting there chatting, but there’s often a big takeaway, there’s not today. So just want to lay the foundation, you also may hear some birds or a little bit of traffic. And that’s because I’m walking around my backyard as I’m talking to you right now. So maybe it’s a little bit more like two girlfriends talking and walking in my backyard. Maybe that’s what today’s podcast is like, just me and you walk in in my backyard, and I’m just sharing what happened this past week.

So, my youngest daughter, Layla, she’ll be 17 in May. And not too long ago, she said, you know, she’s been working at a smoothie place for 9 to 10 months. And she said, how could I maybe not work so many hours and make more money? Like, right, that’s the question, What a great question.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since the seventh grade. I think I’ve done a podcast on that before, if not, I really need to, because it’s a fun story. But I love entrepreneurship. And so, you know, I’m getting all excited and talking through some ideas. Well, she came up with the idea of jewelry design. And then I really got excited I was a jewelry designer. For many years when the kids were young, she doesn’t even remember, she was so young it was before she was born. And then when she was really young. So you know, she I started asking her well like what kind of jewelry and she really likes pearls and leather. So, she starts looking for her pieces. And let me tell you sister has got some amazing tastes. She’s pulled out. Really high-quality jewelry, really high quality, pearls. Beautiful leather. So she starts to make some things. And here’s the thing, she is not on social media, she chooses not to be on social media at almost 17 years old. She just really has no desire for it.

So, you know, I told her, I said, Look, I’ll wear some pieces. And I’ve worn some pieces because they’re gorgeous. It’s honestly the kind of stuff I wear. Anyway, I said this is it’s like, it’s like carrying on a family tradition, like a family business in that you’re making jewelry. Now, I made it for so long, so long ago. So, she just starts making these pieces. And they’re so beautiful, and so high quality. And she’s already gotten some orders. And so, what’s really cool is that she put in her notice this past Wednesday at the smoothie place, and now is looking at this entrepreneurship as a whole new sense of freedom, where she really kind of gets to choose her hours. And she gets to choose how much she wants to do and how much she doesn’t want to do. And I love that that’s what I love about entrepreneurship is the freedom that it can bring. I just think that is so much fun. That one of my children is not only walking in entrepreneurship shoes after me. Not that she’s doing it because of me but, but also actually doing a business that at one time, I used to do.

And so, a good friend of mine who develops websites offered to do her website for so she’s going to have this beautiful website. And it’s just a really fun, neat little thing that’s just you know, transpired over the past couple of weeks, she put in her notice two more weeks, and she’s done at that job. And she’s going to be done with school for this semester and is going to be able to just kind of dive into this new part of her life and I’m just so excited about it.

So, this is really kind of been our life for the past two weeks is talking about this, getting the name and what did her branding colors going to look like she’s working through that with the web designer, who’s my friend. It’s just a really, really fun time in her life and a fun time for me to be there to support her because, as I said, she’ll be 17 In May, which means I’ve got one more year of her being in high school before and she is dual enrollment. So, she is already actually in college. But you know, this is the last year that I feel like I’m going to have this much time with her because she will be going off to college, even if she’s local, which she probably will be. She’ll be at college and it’s just going to be a different life, right? It’s just going to be a different level of busy, although she plans to continue to do this. So we’ll see. It’s still new, but it’s exciting. And it’s fun.

And I told you this was not going to be this was going to be a very different podcast. It’s there’s no tips, there is no even a big point other than Hey, I just wanted to share the cool thing that I’m getting to watch happen in my daughter’s life. So anyway, I’ll be able to share, hopefully in the next few weeks her website for you to go check it out.

In the meantime, you can catch me on social media, wearing her pieces because they’re gorgeous. They’re the kind of thing that I wear anyway. And who doesn’t love gorgeous high-quality pearls and leather, like it’s just such a beautiful combination. So that’s it, I just had to come and tell you about this fun thing that I’ve been experiencing with my youngest with the baby with the last with the last one at home. What a sweet little gift from God to say, hey, here’s something you guys can do that you have in common. Although I’m just support staff. That’s all she gets to do all the design and decorating and making, and I’m just there to support and help when she needs me. But how sweet to just have something that I’m familiar with. And I can even talk to her about and give her some tips, and she actually listens to me. It’s just really fun. That’s it. I just wanted to tell you about that because it’s where I am right now. And I love sharing with you.

And that was a lady across the street yelling at her dog. I’m not sure if you just heard that. So I’m going to go ahead and kick out. Thanks for listening. Thanks for walking with me in my backyard and letting me share that story with you. I’ll see you next time.

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