My Daily Routine: From Workouts to Face Yoga to Light Therapy & More

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My daily routine.

Occasionally I’ll have people ask me about my morning routine, or how often I work out, or what my days look like. daily routine

Today I thought I’d take you behind the scenes in case you’re interested. Before we dive in, I want to encourage you not to compare if that is a temptation for you. Heck, I may look downright lazy compared to some of you who are reading, but I also know that women have a huge leaning towards feeling less than if they aren’t doing all the things woman x is doing. Never compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10. I’ve been working at this a long time. And I have a laser focused mission.

My hope is that this will spark some creativity for some things you may want to incorporate, or make you curious about how you can habit stack some things you may feel overwhelmed doing in isolation. Also, I get thrown off my game at times just like you do. Travel, projects, nights that are later than I want always effects the next day…it’s far from perfect but it’s become so routine…and here’s the key, that I jump right back into the regular flow with little resistance…because this is where I FEEL best. You will need to decide, not only what works for you and your schedule but what are you ultimately looking to achieve.

My Mission & Deciding on Your Own

Much of what I do, I’ve adopted because of what my long term goals in life are. I feel this is an important step in setting up habits and routines because there needs to be an overarching reason and a specific outcome you’re looking to achieve in order to remain disciplined and consistent, because circumstances will always be waiting to knock you off your game. It’s getting back in the game, when it’s so easy to stay out of it, that becomes the reason you need a mission.

For me, it can be summed up like this: My mission is to become the woman God created me to be body, mind, and soul while reversing the legacy of poor family health habits. I’m discipline to move my vessel regularly and fuel it appropriately so I can serve my family well. I keep my mind occupied learning new skills to grow both personally and to help me best serve my clients. And I spend ample time with the Lord so He can steer my days and so my focus can be on Him. daily routine

My morning routine

My days start around 5:30, although I don’t use an alarm clock. If I do have to set an alarm, I use Sleep Cycle (find this in your app store) which helps you wake up when you’re in you’re lightest of sleep, helping prevent fatigue later in the day.

I start with a 10 minute session of face yoga. Then I use a red light mask for my face and one for my neck for another 10 minutes. This is where I begin to habit stack. While that is on, I begin my quiet time by walking around my bedroom and talking with the Lord.

Movement has always felt good to me first thing in the morning and after laying down all night, the last thing my body needs is to go sit. So during this time I’m rejuvenating my skin, visiting with Jesus, and getting my blood and lymph flowing a bit while getting a jump on some steps for the day (my goal is 10,000).

I then throw on my tennis shoes, still in my pajamas mind you, and head to the back yard for a 20 minute brisk walk to bet in some Zone 2 cardio, while continuing my prayer time, while also enjoying the early morning light in my eyes that is SO important for helping to set our circadian rhythms. This is also habit stacking. I’m getting my heart rate up, getting in my steps, continuing my quiet time, and getting early morning light.

After this, I’ll have my morning nutritional support called Daily Fruit and Vegetable Blend while I read my bible and journal for just a bit. By now it’s between 7 and 7:15 so I make breakfast (often a shake), and then open my phone to catch up with comments, messages, and emails.

For my morning shake I use either Whey Protein form Legion OR Flip My Life plant based protein.

I get dressed (by now I usually have around 3,000 steps) and head to the gym between 8:30 and 9. This part of my routine is 5 days a week. 3 days of strength training and 2 days of sprints and I start all 5 days with a 5-10 minute mobility session as my warm up.

I like to get on the hydro bed post workout if time allows before I leave the gym to relax my muscles and bring my heart rate back down to as close to baseline as possible.

3-4 days a week I then head to PJ’s coffee to work on my current certification, schedule posts, check email again, and anything else I want to accomplish distraction free.

Afternoon Routine

I run a few errands, then head home and grab lunch and, depending on how well I slept, may grab a 10 minute nap, otherwise it’s house work and catching up on anything else that’s necessary.

I aim for another 20 minute walk after lunch or dinner each day, as well (this is one of the best times to walk is post meal to help stabilize blood glucose), which serves to amp up my steps even further. Another opportunity to habit stack as I’m often listening to a personal development audio book, a podcast, or something else educational.

I start dinner between 4 and 4:30 and we’re eating between 5-5:30. When you’re getting enough of your nutrients during the day, you should be able to stop eating 3-4 hours before bed which greatly improves your sleep and digestion. daily routine

Evening Routine

I’ll either do another walk or I’ll get in my sauna blanket after dinner for 20-30 minutes. Then I’ll take an Epsom bath and begin the winding down process by 7pm.

When I get out of the bath I take my Mello (use code: LISALOU for a discount) which contains Gaba, L-theanine, and magnesium to help prepare my body for sleep.

Around 7:30 Randy and I will usually play a game or watch a show. Layla is typically at TKD in the evenings or youth so it’s mostly me and him during the week.

I turn my phone back light to red around 7:30 in case I need to look at it but aim to have it put up by 8pm. Then we’re in bed by 9.

Many Friday nights are date nights and Saturday’s always look different and Sundays are pretty consistent with Church, a walk and just some family down time. My goal of 10,000 steps never has a day off as our bodies need movement every day and it’s crucial for the joints, helps keep blood sugar stable, helps keep your body composition in a healthy range, helps combat depression and anxiety, and so much more.

That’s a Wrap

I hope you enjoyed a behind the scenes peek at my life. If you have any questions about anything I use or anything else, please feel free to reach out to me on IG @lisaloufitness.

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My heart for your health stemmed from years of figuring out how to help my own. 
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