Minimize Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

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Dementia and Alzheimer's

Worry over Aging

If we’re honest, we’ve probably all thought at one time or another about aging and wondered if dementia or Alzheimer’s may find it’s way to our latter years. Especially if you’ve known someone who has suffered from cognitive decline, the fear of aging may have compounded at the thought that that could likely be you.

I’m here to calm your fears today, and to talk about this subject in a whole new light—one that’s empowering and encouraging!

Firstly, understand that it’s a valid concern, given the cloud of confusion that seems to envelop these conditions. Many people just assume you either get it or you don’t, and it’s no respecter of persons. That kind of uncertainty can cast a shadow on our excitement for the future.

But… there’s more to the story than that. It’s not a random occurrence, and without getting too thick into the weeds of causation, I want to bring some encouragement to you today.

Where Does Cognitive Decline Begin?

Let’s talk about the link between Alzheimer’s and blood glucose levels. Did you know that Alzheimer’s has been dubbed “type three diabetes”? Erratic blood glucose levels over the years can potentially correlate with Alzheimer’s disease. So, what’s the antidote? Well, it’s pretty simple: prioritize whole foods over highly processed foods. By doing so, you’re reducing your risk of glucose imbalances and the domino effect that could lead to cognitive decline.

Diving a bit deeper…ever heard of APOE lipoproteins? Also known as APOE genes, they play a role in influencing Alzheimer’s risk. They’re like the quarterbacks of your cholesterol transportation team. However, only about a quarter of the population carries the APOE4 gene variant (putting them at the highest risk of developing Alzheimer’s), but of those carriers, only roughly 47% actually develop dementia. Why the discrepancy? Here comes the plot twist.

Research uncovered something remarkable. People with negative beliefs about aging were significantly more likely to develop dementia than those who embraced the journey with positivity.  Those who approached aging with anticipation were a whopping 44% LESS likely to develop dementia. Mind-blowing, right?

Pause for a moment and let this sink in. It’s not a new concept that mindset plays a role in how you live…that your outlook will often dictate your outcome. But it also turns out that your thoughts on aging can impact the very health of your brain. Your cognitive function is profoundly affected by how you think and speak about the aging process. 

The Telltale Sign

Let’s pivot for a second. Have you ever noticed the stark difference between someone radiating positivity and someone perpetually shrouded in negativity? It’s not just their vibe—it’s written all over their face, posture, and interactions. And guess what? That positivity is like a shield against cognitive decline. It’s like magic that turns the APOE4 gene into a non-issue for many who carry it. 

It comes down to stress. The common negativity and misconceptions around aging can have real repercussions on your heart health. These stressors might even contribute to the accumulation of amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer’s. So, the key here is to flip the script, shatter the stereotypes, and approach aging with a fresh mindset. 

Brass Tacks

I want to take this to a super practical level. How many times have you heard (or maybe even said yourself), “just wait until you’re my age, everything falls apart.” Or, “I can’t remember why I even came in here…sucks getting old!”

Even when said in jest, these statements are consistent with a negative mindset around aging. I hear it all the time from women who are otherwise, pretty positive people. But when it comes to age, it suddenly becomes acceptable to cast yourself as an “old” as early as 40…if this is your thought process at this age, what will it be like when you’re 60? 80? 90 (God willing)?

So starting today, begin to catch yourself when you start to say something negative about yourself related to aging (well, about anything really, but sticking to our topic…), and reframe it to something wonderful! 

Example: “I came in the kitchen for something but can’t remember…good news is my brain is amazing so it will come to me!” If that sounds silly, it’s only because the opposite has become so commonplace. It WILL get easier, you just need to be intentional. After all, the health of your brain is at stake. That’s a reason worth becoming aware and shifting your thoughts and words. 


My tagline for Lisa Lou Fitness, LLC:  Challenging the Status Quo on Aging. Let’s erase the stigma of inevitable decline and replace it with the anticipation of growth. Remember, your health, your joy, your future—it’s all in your hands. From reducing stress to boosting cognitive function, your mindset is the ultimate game-changer! 


I personally embraced this philosophy a decade ago when I turned 40. I made a solid plan for how I wanted to enter 50 years old that went like this:

  • How much healthier can I be?
  • How much more can I have hacked my autoimmunity?
  • How much closer to the Lord can I be?
  • How much more fit can I be?
  • How many more women can I serve in the next 10 years?

So I walked into 50, a very different woman than when I was 40. This gave me something to strive for, look forward to, and be excited about…plus, I’m goal driven so I loved moving the needle towards the woman I ultimately wanted to become! 

And now my sights are set on 60! I want to increase in all of the same areas as I did for the last decade with the following additions:

  • How many more adventures can I have?
  • How many more people can I meet and learn from who I admire?
  • How much stronger can I be mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? 

I’m rewiring my brain to expect growth, improvement, and exciting adventures. You can do the exact same thing. It’s all about perspective, goal setting, and a healthy dose of eager anticipation for the next amazing decade ahead!

Let’s Grow Up

What if we looked to the future as just a continuation of growing up? Act 2 is like a second childhood and a chance to see the world from a more seasoned standpoint, yet to approach it with childlike anticipation of all the adventures that lie ahead.

We can view aging as just a constant state of decline, or instead, choose to age with joy and boundless enthusiasm. You’ve got the power to sculpt your future, one thought at a time.

Feel free to share this message with your friends and let’s create a ripple effect of aging amazing together. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so hit me up in my DMs on @LisaLouFitness on Instagram. We’re in this together. You mean the world to me!

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About Lisa…

I’m passionate about helping you achieve energy, joy, and fun over 40 so you can live your most confident years, yet.
My heart and mission is to help women of all ages start living a bold, intentional life right where they are!
My heart for your health stemmed from years of figuring out how to help my own. 
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