2 Ingredient Recipe Plus how Robbin is Down 24 Pounds!

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Lisa Arendell [00:00:00]:
I’m sharing a recipe that I think is gonna blow your mind simply because it’s only 2 ingredients. Who doesn’t love simple? Nobody doesn’t love simple. Every woman I know loves simple, so you’re gonna love this. You’re gonna love, love, love this recipe. I’m gonna give you exactly what I use. Less than 5 minutes. I’m telling you, you’re gonna love this.


Lisa Arendell [00:00:26]:
You’re gonna be thanking me. You’re going to be thanking me. Just keep these ingredients at all times, and you’re just gonna be a few minutes away from, A, you know, you and minus cook time. You’re gonna be a few minutes away from just an amazing, delicious, healthy, healthy meal. Of course, healthy. I’m also going to let you hear from you get to hear from some of my clients today, my Faith Forward, age backward clients, clients that I’ve worked with, you know, in my programs, I want you to hear from them firsthand, and so you’re gonna get to hear, you know, about Kent pound weight loss a 27 pound weight loss, but you’re also gonna get to hear about, you know, how these women have also grown closer to the A and one another. So Just gonna share a few of those. I can’t wait.


Lisa Arendell [00:01:08]:
Buckle in. Grab your let’s see. Grab your tennis shoes, go for a walk, or grab your coffee and snuggle in, and let’s get going. A to the Age in Reverse podcast where we talk about how to boost energy, joy, and fun over 40 all through a faith forward perspective. I’m Lisa Arendell, a Lisa Lou Fitness, your dancing BFF. I’m a dancer, a lover of Jesus and coffee, a high performance health coach, and an integrative health and fitness Expert of over 31 years. After being diagnosed without immune disease, congenital heart defects, degenerative disc disease, major knee issues, a Course. All in my twenties, I finally decided to take back control of my health.


Lisa Arendell [00:01:56]:
Now in my fifties, I have more energy than I ever did in my twenties, And I’m here to show you how to experience the same thing. If you want to remain independent, build your faith, and enjoy more energy, joy, and fun In your life, you are in the right place. Let’s challenge the status quo on aging and make act 2 our best years yet. I’m so thankful you’re here today. I’m so thankful you’re here every single episode that you just give me space Because I want you to know when I am recording a podcast, I a, in my mind’s eye, see you sitting across the table from me with a cup of coffee? I don’t know if you love coffee or not, but you always have a cup of coffee in your hand, and you’re smiling, and we’re both kind of leaning in and visiting. I Just adore my podcast listeners. I just adore you. So today, I’m gonna share with you so let’s see.


Lisa Arendell [00:02:52]:
Saturday night, we had some friends over, And I made this dish. It has 2 ingredients. I’ve been making this for years, but I didn’t even tell them ahead of time what I was making. We Tad them over. I’m like, hey. Bring a salad. Other than that, I got us. And I made this dish, and you’re gonna see, oh, wow.


Lisa Arendell [00:03:08]:
So it’s not like you really slaved every stove. No. It took me less than 5 minutes to put together, which is why it’s one of my favorite things to do, especially if you’re in a rush. So this is Such a fan favorite. It’s been a client favorite for years. It’s been a family favorite for years. And when we have company over, it’s often a go to Course sometimes I forget to, you know, I don’t know. Do things ahead of time, and so it’s just really easy.


Lisa Arendell [00:03:31]:
So I’m gonna share that recipe with you 2 ingredients 2 ingredients 2 ingredients to the best recipe. I’m gonna share that with you here in just a minute, but first, I wanna talk a little bit. So today is open Creation, a, doors are open to register for my faith forward age backward program to my wait list for 3 days only. So Thursday night, then the doors close, and my wait list gets a special discount. So if you’re listening, you’re like, oh, man. I wanna be on the waitlist. Yes. You do.


Lisa Arendell [00:04:05]:
Because you want to get you what you want to get this discount, and you wanna get in on this program. So I don’t want you to take my word for this program. I’m about to play a few testimonials so that you can hear straight from my client’s mouth. But look. Right now, go get on the waitlist so that you get an email taking you to the program so that you can look at it and so you can jump on in here with us. Lisaloo fitness.comforward/waitlist, a a I t l I s t. A fitness.comforward/waitlist course go down into the show notes, and you can click on it right There. Okay.


Lisa Arendell [00:04:44]:
So the very first client testimony I want you to hear from Cathy. I’ve known Cathy for so many years, and I love, love, love what she has to say about how she’s just really seen such amazing transformation. So here we go. Here’s what Cathy has to say about the program?

Cathy [00:05:02]:
I’m 53 years old, a mom of 6 kids, and I have more energy than I’ve had in my entire life. I’m excited about my birthday that’s coming up this month, and I’ll be 54. Lisa’s education and program have changed my mindset in the trajectory of my health. You know, we don’t have to sit on the couch And get old, be depressed, and all of those things. And so I have a tool chest of things that I can use to make the best Courses every day, to be the healthiest version of myself. The course is so worth it. Just do it.


Lisa Arendell [00:05:36]:
So this next testimonial is one of my Dearest friends, A, she had such incredible results from this round of the faith forward age backward program, and, like, I I can’t wait for you to hear from her because I feel like so many people identify with Robbin. Like, she just has this way about her. And just a side note brag, Robbin was you know, she was a client Long before we ever started working together, but we started to work together when she came into my inbox and said, look. I know I’m gonna sound like a Crazy lady, but I see you and I working together one day. This was, like, 7 years ago. And I’m like, okay. It’s just me. I’m a total solopreneur.


Lisa Arendell [00:06:20]:
I don’t know, but I’m open. She’s like, I feel like the Lord really wants us to work together. And here we are 7 years later. She’s built my website. She’s my right arm to everything Lisa Lou Fitness. So her testimonial just, you know, has a special place in my heart. She’s such a dear friend. So here’s what she has to say.

Robbin [00:06:36]:
3 months ago, I turned 50 years old, and I had this stubborn waiting right in the middle of perimenopause, and I knew I had to do something. I was Tired of being tired. And now I have a community that supports me. The joint pain is, like, gone, like, completely gone. Like, my knees don’t hurt. My back doesn’t hurt. I don’t wake up hurting. The brain fog is gone.


Robbin [00:06:59]:
I have energy to think and process, and I’ve lost Kent pounds in the last 3 months, 4 inches in my waist, fitting into clothes that were way back in the closet.


Lisa Arendell [00:07:10]:
So fun. Right? Alright. So this next testimonial comes from Brandi. And, Brandi, I just have to tell you. Brandy, Oh my goodness. I just love every single woman a God brings to me is just like, oh my god. These are my people. I have never ever Had, like, a negative Nelly that I had to, like, kick out of the program.


Lisa Arendell [00:07:30]:
I’ve been doing this a long time, so I just always have so much faith and trust that God brings exactly who he desires to be here? I just trust him so much. I pray that that’s you. If you’re listening and you’re kinda jazzed about what you’re hearing, you can get on the waitlist Course my wait list, it’s actually registration is open today, Tuesday, January 30th, depending on when you’re hearing this, for 3 days only, closes Thursday night where you get A really special discount and some early bonuses. So go to a lisaloufitness.com/waitlist, and you will immediately get an email Taking you to the program. Okay? So make sure you can also go down in the show notes. Okay. So I want you to hear Brandi Course Brandi has this amazing way that she has built her confidence, and it is so Humble and beautiful yet so a, and I love to hear her talking about her confidence and her progress. She’s incredible.


Lisa Arendell [00:08:33]:
Alright. You can hear it from her own lips. You go.

Brandi [00:08:35]:
The biggest impact it had on me was my energy and confidence. Energy, I’d no longer had the midday slump. Confidence was huge. It’s almost like a side of me went into hibernation. Things that refreshed me, I no longer did a, and what this course did was it, gave me that confidence back, and it, Like, breathed life into me. Lisa is a wealth of knowledge. She has so many A things to share and to teach, and the coolest thing about it is she’s passionate about it. It’s not just a job for her.


Brandi [00:09:16]:
She cares, and that is definitely seen throughout this whole Course. She is literally not beside you because it’s virtual, but She’s beside you. You feel like she’s in your a. And I loved it so much, and it did wonders for me that I’m coming back, and I’m doing it again, in February. It’s awesome. It’s amazing.

Lisa Arendell [00:09:38]:

Oh, gosh. I just love her. I just adore her. Okay. I love every one of these women that God brings to me. Just amazing women. Okay. Next is Heather.


Lisa Arendell [00:09:48]:

So Heather Actually came through a friend or two who had done one of my programs in the past. And so we had never met Before she became a client, but fun story, it turns out she’s my husband’s boss’s Beyonce. Like, they’re gonna be married in April. Destination wedding. We’re going to Costa Rica to celebrate with them. I’m so excited. But, anyway, So that was just kind of a fun thing that I ended up finding out, I think, after she became a client, maybe right before, but that was just a little side fun fact. So Here’s what Heather has to say. Without further ado, here’s Heather.


Heather [00:10:34]:

2 of the people that I had said that they used Lisa’s program and raved about her, where I was absolutely sick of myself, sick of the weight gain, sick of the pain, sick of the joint pain. And I reached out to Lisa, and I’m so grateful for her because I cannot tell you the change in energy that I’ve had. I think I’m Something like 27 pounds down, 6 or 7 inches down. I feel like I have my life back. My joint pain is gone. My energy level I’m a little out of breath because I just danced around my whole bedroom while I was getting ready. I truly, with my whole heart, believe That Lisa’s program and help and guidance and knowledge, she is so incredibly educated in what she does, has Truly allowed me to my body, my A space, and my life because I was in a losing battle.


Lisa Arendell [00:11:19]:

Rolling on into sweet Laura.


Laura [00:11:21]:

It’s phenomenal. She absolutely knows what she’s talking about. You just need more energy to get through the day like I was. This is what you need.


Lisa Arendell [00:11:30]:

Alright. And here’s Sandy. You’ve probably heard me talk about Sandy before, but she’s an online resident cheerleader. She’s, like, always the most, Everybody is so encouraging, but Sandy just has this extra special way about her that makes everybody feel So good. And when you hear her voice, you’re really gonna hear that she feels like just a warm blanket. But you talk about the nominal results, and Sandy is now I think in this clip, she’s 61, but she’s now 62 and is a it. Like, Crushing crushing the whole aging backwards game. It’s absolutely phenomenal.


Lisa Arendell [00:12:10]:

In fact, I did an age test with Sandy, And even though she’s 62, her biological age is now 57. She’s just getting younger every year. Listen to what she has to say.

Sandy [00:12:20]:

Has been such a blessing and Such a game changer for me. I’ve found my energy, my zest for life. I’m moving and thinking and doing things, that are, I believe far more youthful than my actual age of 61. So I’m even planning some adventures this year, like ziplining and indoor rock climbing. I want to lose some weight even through the holidays. I’m excited to get up and get out of bed in the morning. I don’t dread A day ahead, I look forward to it because I know that I can do it? I can get through my day without a lot of Pain and, discomfort or just feeling sluggish. I I want to do all of the things and then some.


Sandy [00:13:03]:

So if you’re thinking about joining in on this, I highly recommend it.


Lisa Arendell [00:13:07]:

See what I mean about her sweet boys? She’s just awesome. Okay. You know, the community here is really special. I’ve done a few episodes on finding your tribe, finding your people, how important it is. Just surround yourself with others who are on the same journey as you. Like, it that’s really, really key and you being successful in whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, you need to be around others who have similar goals as you do? And so I love what Amber has to say about the program.


Amber [00:13:39]:

It’s really made a difference in my life and been a blessing the past couple of months, and the community has Been really good. In between learning from each other and also supporting each other, I have learned so much.


Lisa Arendell [00:13:51]:

Okay. We’re almost done. We only have 2 Kent, but, Stephanie, I just gotta set this up for you. You talk about somebody that I have just watched. It’s transformed before my eyes. We are not just talking. We are talking, like, everything about this woman. I I I adore her. She is such a light, and I see Her being such a strong and bold voice for health for others now that she has found so much success with her own health and aging well and Finding renewed energy.

Lisa Arendell [00:14:26]:

Listen to Stephanie.


Stephanie I [00:14:27]:

If you work the program, you will see results. I’ve got so much more knowledge. I’ve learned to love myself deeper. Learning to love my lord, even closer. My faith and the faith that I can grow My body and have it to be a temple for him


Stephanie [00:14:43]:

has just been a huge, huge impact on everything. I highly recommend this Program. The support that you get from these ladies are amazing.


Lisa Arendell [00:14:53]:

You know, Beth had a lot of inflammation and even problems sometimes when she would, when she would walk? Like, her feet and her really hurting. And one of the things that she noticed, like, immediately was grease in her inflammatory response? And she just would start having days that she would tell us about. She’s like, I feel so good. I was actually able to go for a walk or get a workout in because I’m not hurting so bad. It’s just one of the my favorite things about this is that inflammation, it doesn’t take a long time to start seeing and feeling results when we can get on top of that inflammation, which is what we dive into immediately in this program? Here’s what Beth has to say.


Beth [00:15:42]:

This program, 1st of all, addresses an inflammation, not only in your joints, but probably more importantly in your digestive system begins to decrease, That just instantly frees up energy, and Lisa’s program addresses that. And undergirding all of the program and Course materials is the accountability aspect where we have a community that is open and loving and kind and real, honest and supportive and nonjudgmental.


Lisa Arendell [00:16:15]:

Thank you for letting me share these ladies with you, and just I wanted you to hear from them How impactful this program is. Again, doors are open today for my wait list Course 3 days only. You get a really special discount. So it starts today, January 30th, a Thursday night, February 1st. So just go to lisaloo fitness.comforward/ wait list so that I can send you the link so that you can check it all out, and I would love to, as a community, Invite you into this program. Okay. I’m about to get into the recipe, but before I do, let me just give 1 more teaser. One of the things we’re doing with this With this next round that starts in February is that we are doing a 21 day Faith and fat on fire focus.


Lisa Arendell [00:17:09]:

What does that mean? So, basically, we are getting into massive momentum. So I don’t like I don’t like playing around. I like for you to come in and boom, start to see results within 7 days. I don’t want it to take you a month or 2 months or 3 months We’re together for 3 months, but we have a very rock solid beginning, online, jump start into our momentum so that you start to See and feel a difference, like, right away, which is so encouraging and motivating and inspiring. Right? I mean, Anytime you’ve ever seen or felt results, aren’t you more likely to just, like, keep going? So that’s what I’m bringing to you are, like, results Right a, right off the bat. So get in here a fitness.comforward/waitlist so that you can get this discount Course That discount goes away Thursday night at midnight CST. Okay. Are you ready for this recipe? Thank you for hanging in there.

Lisa Arendell [00:18:03]:

I’m telling you, you’re gonna love this recipe. In fact, When you try this recipe, I need you to come find me on social media. You can look at the links in the show notes. You can find me on Instagram. You can find me on Facebook. Feel free to email me. I don’t care. I wanna know what you think about it.


Lisa Arendell [00:18:19]:

And even better yet, maybe what your company thinks about this or your family. Don’t even tell them it’s Shh. Don’t tell Tech it’s healthy. Do not tell them it’s healthy. That is, like, my favorite tip to get to give. Just, like, Just make the thing, and don’t tell people it’s healthy. Right? And then let them oh and a, and then you could be like, oh, by the way, this was healthy. Okay.


Lisa Arendell [00:18:40]:

Or not? You know, you have to share that with them. Alright. Are you ready? Two a, and I’m gonna tell you exactly how I do this. Okay? It’s not gonna take long because it’s very simple. Two a. Chicken, salsa. Tech. There you go.


Lisa Arendell [00:18:53]:

You’re welcome. That’s it. Two ingredients. Alright. Let me tell you what kind of salsa, my favorite kind of chicken, to use exactly what I do. So, literally so I do this in an Instapot. You can do it in a crock pot. You could do it on the stove.


Lisa Arendell [00:19:08]:

You can do this however you wanna do it. I love an Instantpot because I said it. I forget it. It keeps warm, and it’s fast. It’s faster than a slow cooker. Right? So, and on the stove, you gotta kinda babysit it. Insta pot, you don’t babysit. You just literally walk away.


Lisa Arendell [00:19:23]:

So I prefer chicken thighs just because they’re Juicy and moist, and they are a little more fatty, and because of that, it just lends to such great flavor. But I’ve also done chicken breast and chicken tenders, so Completely up to you. Your favorite chicken cut of choice, of course, I recommend. Pasteurized, you know, Free range, organic, like, get it the cleanest chicken that you can. Now the salsa that I and you’re gonna put that you’re cooking it in. For me, it’s my Instant Pot. Okay. The salsa that I get, I think the salsa makes all the difference in the world.


Lisa Arendell [00:19:58]:

I am not a paste girl. I don’t even remember the ingredients in paste. Maybe they’re fine. Maybe they’re awful. I don’t remember. I’ve been using Mateo’s, m a t e o, apostrophe s, for years. You can find it in Kroger. You can find it in your health food store.


Lisa Arendell [00:20:12]:

You can find it Everywhere. Probably, I think even Walmart. Like, it’s everywhere. I’ve been in Walmart for a very long time. Just gonna be honest. But I have a girlfriend that goes all the time. She’s like, hey. That’s in Walmart too.

Lisa Arendell [00:20:23]:
So, Mateo salsa. So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna put your chicken into whatever you’re cooking it in, And then you’re gonna take so I did it it totally depends on how much you’re cooking for. We did £4 because we had company over, and there were Five of us. 1, 2, 3, 4. There were 6 of us Course Leila ate with us as well, my youngest. So I did £4. Okay? So A as needed. And I made 2 jars of metallos.


Lisa Arendell [00:20:50]:
I did 1 spicy and 1 medium. I typically just do medium, But I did spicy medium. Now word to the wise, if you don’t like spicy, either just go with medium. It was so spicy. I had to, to, dilute it some? Because I could bear it, my face was on fire. My husband loves that. I do not. Neither does Layla.


Lisa Arendell [00:21:09]:
A I ended up diluting it a bit. So medium is safe. Spicy is holy moly. Just hang on to your hat because You’re gonna be on fire. Okay. So totally up to you. We live in the A. Right? So we’re, you know, close to Cajun country, and a lot of people around here like spicy food.


Lisa Arendell [00:21:26]:
Now what you can add is chicken stock. So this would be a 3rd ingredient, but I’ve done it without the chicken stock. Course chicken broth or bone broth, some kind of a broth. So about if I did 4 pounds, then maybe 24 a, depending on how soupy you wanna make it. It’s totally up to you. If you’re just doing the salsa, it’s gonna be a little soupy, but not super soupy. Super soupy. If you want it to not be quite soupy, Just do the salsa. You got your chicken.


Lisa Arendell [00:21:53]:
You got your salsa. So, again, I do it at my A Pot. I set it on poultry. It’s about 51 minutes, And it’s done. If you do it in your crock pot, it’s gonna be longer. If you do it on the stovetop, I would think it would be probably about the same amount of time, 45 to 55 minutes. That’s it. I’m telling you.


Lisa Arendell [00:22:10]:
You’re gonna love it. This needs to be your back pocket recipe. Always have a. Always have salsa, and you’re always 5 minutes away from prepping for your meal and less than an hour away from serving a really amazing meal. By the way, You can serve this over cauliflower rice. I love riced cauliflower, but you can also do it over regular rice. We love Black rice. We love white rice.


Lisa Arendell [00:22:33]:
We do it like organic jasmine. So just depending on, you know, what your dietary preferences are, Throw it over some rice and thank me later. You are so welcome. You’re going to love it. Alright. That is it for today. One more reminder, just 2 more days to take advantage of the discount. To my Faith Course aid backward program, you need to be on the waitlist to get the steep discount? Go to lisaloufitness.com/waitlist.


Lisa Arendell [00:23:02]:
Get on the waitlist. You will immediately be sent the link To go and check it out, I want you in here with us. I want you on the squad. This is like a squad. This is a team.


Lisa Arendell [00:23:18]:
You need community. We’re your girls. I’m telling you, you’re gonna love it, not just your results, but the community. And guess what? We are studying the names of God. So remember I said it’s That and faith on fire, that the 1st 21 days, well, our faith on fire, we’re doing a devotion. It’s gonna take us most of the 3 months we’re a, But this devotion, oh my gosh. We’re all so excited about what’s coming with this devotional. So we are getting into momentum with Fat loss, waste loss, and getting our faith set on fire.


Lisa Arendell [00:23:50]:
It’s gonna be 3 months of a beautiful, beautiful thing. Thank you for being here, and I will see you on Friday’s episode, which is our Faith Forward Friday episode of the Age in Reverse podcast. See you then. Hey. Thank you so much for being here with me today. And depending on which platform you’re listening on? Be sure you’re either following or so that the latest episodes are really easy to find. And if you have a moment and you found value here, it would mean everything. If you could take just a moment and leave a 5 star review Course this podcast so that I can get the message out to more women.


Lisa Arendell [00:24:29]:
Thanks again for being here, I’ll see you next time!

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