3 Tips to get better results from your workouts faster!

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Recap for those who don’t enjoy exercise:

Last week I talked to you about an encouraging word I had for you if you don’t love to exercise. Refer back to episode #96 to listen HERE. Not only was this a huge relief for some of you, but it also gave you an opportunity to come back today and hear what to do if you would rather be strung by your toes than workout. 


I’ll get right into it. Habit stacking is going to be your best friend. By stacking some of the modalities you want to work on (ie: strength, agility, balance, cardio, etc), you’ll be able to get the minimal effective dose. In other words, get in and out with the most results in the shortest period of time. 

Important workout modalities for the over 40 gal

First, let’s dive into some of those modalities that you should be working on if you want to age well:

  1. Strength – Strength training keeps your muscles and bones strong, helping you age independently, helps transform your body composition, helps your posture, balance, and more. It’s a non-negotiable if you want to age well. 
  2. Mobility – This enables the fluidity of your movements. If you don’t incorporate mobility conditioning, you’ll likely suffer from stiff joints, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, neck pain, ankle pain, and more. It’s important at any age, but it’s a no brainer over 40.
  3. Cardio – The good news is that you don’t need a ton of straight up “cardio” to get big benefits. Due to many of the other modalities you’re incorporating, you’re working your heart throughout. If you’re doing these, a few brisk walks a week are ample. Zone 2 training has many benefits including reduced risk of mortality, heart health, improved blood sugar, improved blood pressure, decreased incidence of depression, and more. 
  4. SITtraining – This stands for sprint interval training. It can be done by doing kettlebell swings, quick bursts on a bike, a treadmill, a sprint across the ground, rowing machine, etc. The goal is to get into Zone 5 (90-100% max heart rate) for 20-30 seconds followed by rest. It’s important to work up to this as I never have beginner clients start here but after we get them conditioned a bit, it doesn’t take long to start SIT!
  5. Jump training – Another modality you don’t want to jump right into (pun intended). It’s important to make sure muscles, tendons and ligaments are ready for impact. HOWEVER, this can be modified for the beginner by reducing impact and absorbing shock. The importance of this modality only increases with age. We want to have all the benefits of estrogen (building and keeping muscle mass, blood sugar issues, etc) in the absence or the decline of estrogen, jump training is your secret weapon. It will also help you to keep the agility we also lose if we don’t incorporate fast twitch muscle fiber training. 

Habit Stacking

You’ve gotta be wondering how it’s possible to incorporate all of this in a quick and efficient way that doesn’t have you working out for hours a day. First of all, just know that even my most advanced clients have 45 minutes tops in a given day as their workout prescription and that’s only 3 days a week when they’re doing multiple modalities. 


If you’re interested in learning more about my Faith Forward Age Backward program where you get all of the over 40 guidance for rocking Act 2 with literally everything laid out for you from nutrition, all the workout modalities that we’re talking about today easily ladie out for you, hormonal balance and stress management, and faith activation, click the link in the notes or go to lisaloufitness.com/waitlist to get on the waitlist for the next round! 


For our purpose here today, I’m going to focus on habit stacking cardio, mobility, and strength training. I’ll come back in another episode to help you better understand SIT and Jump training.

Step 1 Mobility – finding a program you enjoy is important, especially if you’re a beginner. My recommendation for my clients is to take my mobility exercises and use them as their warm up. You need to warm up before any activity anyway, why not kill 2 birds with one stone and get your mobility conditioning in before you hit the weights. 5-10 minutes is usually sufficient. 


Step 2 Strength training – Contrary to popular belief, the longer you lift the better is a misnomer, especially as we age. Too many sets can create a cortisol spike that is hard to recover from. 4-5 sets is a great place to opt for 3 -4 days a week. I personally do and recommend 3 days a week for my clients and it yields great results! With 1-3 minutes between sets, you should be done in 30 minutes max (some days it only takes me 20).


Step 3 Cardio – Zone 2 is where we’re going to focus. This is around a 5 out of 10 perceived exertion. A brisk walk, a slow job, a moderate bike ride, swimming, etc. Basically your heart rate is elevated to a point where you can talk but don’t want to. I recommend doing this after your strength training session. Cardio post weight training is great so you’re not worn out from putting your it first and can give all effort to your lifts. And bonus, you’re super warm! 


Pro Tip Steps – Oh, and remember how I mentioned there’s never a day off of reaching your step goals? An easy way to get a good jump on this and that I’ve mentioned in other episodes is to habit stack by starting your day with a quiet time walking and talking with Jesus. This can be a walk around your backyard or a mosey around your house in your slippers. You’ll be moving your body after being still all night, plus getting in some steps, plus talking to Jesus. WIN!!! 

So to recap, if you’re doing 5 minutes of mobility (warm up), 20 minutes of strength, and another 20 minutes of zone 2 cardio, you’re done in 45 minutes! If you do this 3 days a week while getting in your steps every day (there’s never a day off from movement throughout your day which is what steps are most helpful to track), then you’re off to a great start!


Or, you can do mobility and strength training for your 3 days and then zone 2 on 2-3 other days. The point for today was to help you habit stack so you’re not working out forever. 


Pro tip, I alternate SIT and Jump training after my strength workouts since I am super warm and save zone 2 for my recovery days! 


I’ll be doing an episode soon to talk about why your strength training is not yielding the results you’re after, what and why to use SIT & Jump training over 40 if you want to be in the best shape of your life! 


Bottom line: Longer workouts are not best after 40, but intensity is key for short bouts to keep strength, agility, mobility, and to age youthfully! 


Love you!


Ways to have Energy, Joy, & Fun over 40!

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