Broth, huh, good God ya’ll, what is it good for? I’ve gone all pioneer woman the past year and am determined to use more of what I cook in an effort to be both frugal and healthy. Who doesn’t want better hair, skin, nails, less painful joints, and an extra shot of amino acids all for pennies on the dollar. Enter, bone broth! Whether you are using it as a base for soups, in place of store-bought broths, or just to drink straight from the jar, the uses and benefits seem limitless. It’s my first line of defense when I start to feel under the weather, too, as it has minerals the body can easily absorb including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, and trace minerals.

Making your broth from leftover free range poultry, wild game, or grass-fed beef is always best as the nutrient density will be far greater. Check with your local butcher for these bones if you don’t have any on hand. A big plus is that bones can be used over and over again. You will continue to get benefits through many batches until they begin to disintegrate!


1. Improved hair, skin, nails, cellulite reduction from the gelatin that supports collagen production.

2. Improved joint comfort and mobility due to chondroitin.

3. Boosts immune system.

4. Helps to heal leaky gut by soothing the gut lining.

5. Research is showing that the gelatin helps improve food allergies and sensitivities.

There are several ways to go about it but my favorite is what takes me the least prep. Throw the bones in the crock pot, cover with filtered water, add 2 T apple cider vinegar to help draw the minerals out of the bones, throw in some celery, carrots, bay leaves, onions, other favorite spices, and let it simmer on low for at least 24 hours for poultry bones and 48 for beef bones. This slow cooking time is vital to extract all the vital nutrients. Skim off any scum that comes to the top during cook time. Then strain the broth and put in fridge for up to a week. For extra, put in freezable mason jars or other freezer-safe containers and start another batch by repeating the process. Bone appetit!

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