Check out the video below to see what the hype of Fit Chix Groove On Demand is all about?

LIIT - Low Impact Interval Training with a Sassy Flair!

Low Impact, but High Intensity!

The perfect combination of being easy on your joints, while burning fat for 24 hours post workout!

Strength Training with a Sassy Flair!

15 minutes of strength building throughout the body plus a sassy flair of dance moves! Can it get any better?!?

Watch it Live or Later!

Live Fit Chix Groove On Demand workouts on Tuesday and Thursday at 6:35 PM CST or watch the replay on our website!

Library of Fit Chix videos!

You will also have access to our library of dozens of Fit Chix videos!

Strength, Groove, and Sass All in One!

Sassy, fun, effective and quick! 15 minutes from beginning to end. ONLY $10 a month! (cancel anytime)