Lower Body Member Videos

Lower Body Member Videos

I love love love lower body work! If we want muscles that will help us with every day tasks throughout the course of our lives, we simply must have a strong base! As with any area that is getting targeted work, make sure to give your body 2-3 days between videos to let that body part rest and recovery before hitting it again! You got this! Holler on the I’m Worth It FB page with any questions and be sure to post your swelfies!!!

Fit Chix Video 9


Fit Chix Video 14

Hello Booty!

Fit Chix Video 8


Fit Chix Video 18

Leg Day (w/ mod.)

Fit Chix Video 21

Bye Bye Thighs

Fit Chix Video 23


Fit Chix Video 25

Bum Bum

Fit Chix Video 30

Pulses Chest & Legs