Lisa Lou Fitness Meals Prepped for you!

Gluten Free Whole Food Meals designed to give you the energy and nutrition your body deserves and craves!

Our mission is to take one more challenge off the table for you to live the Worthy Girl healthstyle! 

"Quality Whole Foods that Fuel Your Body!"

Antibiotic & Hormone Free Meat
salmon and vegetables
Quality Fresh Produce
No Preservatives or Artificial Flavors

Step One:

Select one of the meal plans above and book your Meal Prepping order with Robbin. Limited spots available per week. I will grocery shop for you, cook for you, and meet for delivery. All ingredients used in the recipes are with clean meats and vegetables.

Contact me by –



Text: (318) 617 – 5420

Step TWO:

Make payment to Robbin for meal prep services (groceries are included in the pricing below) PLUS add the price of the Meal Plan, if not a member (see Meal Plan cost in menu listed below). You will be sent the actual Meal Plan purchased with the recipes by me to see exactly what will be in the dishes and to have for reference if you would like to cook them in the future. If you already have the Meal Plan we are using for the week, then you do not pay this portion. (Note: If you are a member you Don’t pay for the cost of the meal plan!)

I accept Check, Cash, or PayPal. Payment needs to be received by the Saturday prior to delivery day. My PayPal link is:

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Who's Cooking in the Kitchen?

Robbin Kent

  • Master Certified Health Coach
  • MA Counseling & Psychology
  • Started Lisa's meal plans in June 2016

In 2016, I started following Lisa’s meal plans and discovered that the food I ate was not just affecting my waist line, but also my skin, joints, hair, energy, sleep, digestion, and overall mood. After 90 lbs lost and feeling so much better at the age of 45 than at 25, I knew Lisa’s health principles are what I needed to follow to be all God called me to be.