Have you given yourself permission to put yourself first? Probably not. I want to talk to all my lady friends for a minute. Ok, girls, tell me this: are you driving your car (body) too fast? Running on fumes, giving to everyone else, putting yourself at the bottom of the list? If your digestion is off, you’re losing sleep, have ongoing abdominal inflammation, fighting cravings constantly, then you’re out of balance. Hear me. That’s. Not. Normal. Just like running your car hard with no maintenance, so it is with our bodies.

We trick ourselves into believing that these are our genetics, or are common with aging, or will go away when we reach “x” point in our lives. Would you tell your very best friend who is sick and weak and exhausted that you’ll try to help them in 6 months or a year when you’re less busy? Of course not! So why do we do this to ourselves?

Whether your kids are tiny, teens, or you’re an empty-nester, chances are your mantra remains, “I’ll get to me when…” As women, we are care-givers, others-focused, and therefore world-changers! These are amazing things, but you can’t give from an empty cup and that cup will empty eventually without some care.

What if you switched your thinking to, “Because I have many shoes to wear, it’s imperative that I have energy and feel good enough to do all I’m called to!” Does that sound selfish? Quite the opposite. It sounds like the best thing you can possibly do for everyone in your life!

I want to share a few simple truths with you:

1. You should be having a bowel movement at least once a day. Period. If not, your digestion is off. This is often linked to food choices so seek the help of a certified professional who can teach you what to eat.

2. You should be sleeping 7-9 hours a night. End of discussion. If you’re getting 6 or fewer hours, your risk of weight gain, diabetes, and other health related issues goes up drastically. Fight for your sleep. Go to bed at the same time each night. Follow a before bed time routine. Try some Salted Caramel Tea by Yogi or some Natural Calm since low magnesium can interfere with good sleep. Insomnitrol by Designs for Health has been a life saver to this insomniac!

3. If you are getting adequate exercise and feel you’re eating right with no change, something is wrong. Your diet. Your choice of exercise, or both. Seek the help of a certified professional in the nutrition and fitness field to help you troubleshoot and find a solution.

4. If your stress is off the charts and you don’t have a healthy way of managing it, you’re looking at some health-related issues that will soon follow, if they haven’t already. Research some stress management techniques that fit your personality and actually DO them.

5. If you hit the 1 pm slump almost daily and need to turn to caffeine to pull out of it, your adrenals may be a bit taxed. Getting good sleep, proper nutrition, and managing stress will go far here! This is a sign that your body needs something it’s not getting, and the answer isn’t a short-term fix like caffeine or the energy drinks you swear you can’t live without.

6. Do you have a food baby? You know, that bulge you often have after you eat. That’s not normal, folks. That’s inflammation and a sign that what you ate may not be agreeing with you. This is where a certified nutrition specialist can help.

Your body is ALWAYS talking to you, ladies! But I don’t want to oversimplify things. After all, we are women, which means that hormones affect absolutely everything at every stage of our lives. The question is: to what extent at this particular stage in my life? So I strongly encourage you to get some blood work and a saliva test done by a physician dedicated to the holistic health of women so you can get a better picture overall.

You are SO worth good health. Please don’t put YOU off even one more day. It’s time for some self-care, mama.

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