Do your feet swell when you drink too much water or are you are constantly going to the bathroom when you drink? This is a sign that your cells are simply not absorbing the water you’re consuming, which is bad news for your overall health. This inability to absorb that much needed H2O can be fixed with the help of Celtic sea salt. Magnesium is a water hungry molecule and celtic sea salt contains 3 kinds of magnesium: magnesium sulphate, magnesium chloride and magnesium bromide. When putting a crystal of Celtic salt on your tongue, followed by 12-16 oz of water, the magnesium pulls the water into the cell, meaning more absorption and less swelling/potty breaks!

Muscle cramps can be linked to a potassium/sodium imbalance, as well, so this is where this unprocessed salt like Celtic salt can help give your body the necessary electrolytes to tilt that scale in your favor. In the video below, Barbara O’Neil also speaks about the use of cayenne pepper as an easy way to get in your needed potassium. ½ tsp is a great start as it can take some getting used to. I opt for organic cayenne in pill form in the mornings. 

Although you can dissolve the salt in water, the most efficient way to absorb all of these minerals is to put the salt crystal on your tongue and then drink it down with water (*see note at the bottom of this page for those who may need to proceed under a physician’s care). This way you are absorbing it in its most potent form through the mucosa of the mouth, with the stomach lining absorbing the majority of the minerals.

Salt is a crucial part of our biochemistry and fear of it can lead to health-related illness. How many times have we heard that we need to drastically reduce the amount of salt we consume? In an effort to be healthy, we’ve reduced the amount of table salt we ingest, yet remain deficient in the minerals necessary to affect the appropriate amount of pressure needed to move the blood throughout our bodies. Did you know that table salt can cause high blood pressure and no salt can cause high blood pressure? This is crucial information to know for you’re your own health-advocacy. Barbara speaks to this in the video around minute 8:00.

Sea water has 92 minerals in it, so do our tears and the amniotic fluid in which our babies float. Himalayan salt contains around 75 minerals (lacking some of the magnesium), Celtic Salt contains 82 minerals, and table salt contains 2. So keep this in mind when choosing which salt is best for you. I love pink Himalayan as the taste is so mild when cooking, but I choose Celtic for my overall electrolyte balance if it is feeling a bit off due to dehydration or for overall fatigue due to my adrenals being overworked. The minerals present in Celtic sea salt can help keep our adrenals in balance during stressful, overworked, and physically exhausting times.

The right salt can help effect blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, the body’s ability to absorb vitamins, the cell’s ability to absorb glucose, and so much more!  If you try it, I’d love to know how it works for you and what difference it is making in your overall health! Watch this compelling video with Barbara O’Neil as she shares the benefits of Celtic sea salt and water, and all the vital components that go into the body’s ability to absorb the necessary minerals for the best health possible! 

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*Involving your physician in these kinds of transitions is important, but be sure to inform yourself enough to be your own health advocate and if you have access to a functional medicine doctor, take advantage if you are able! People who should proceed with a doctor’s supervision: If you are on medications, consult with your physician before implementing straight salt. If you pee less than 3x a day, consult with your physician, and if you drink large amounts of water but have limited your salt, proceed under a doctors care as you may need to increase gradually.