How did you hold up during the holidays? Did you stand strong and unwavering when it comes to healthy eating and consistent exercise? Or did you, like so many others, find it a struggle to maintain all you’ve gained?

This time of year is truly a challenge to those of us who are committed to a healthy lifestyle. The hectic pace paired with holiday gatherings and travel really make it challenging to stay true to healthy choices.

I have a super simple and easy way for you to maintain workouts (including strength training) while you’re traveling during the holidays or any time of year!

The only piece of exercise equipment I personally use when traveling is a bodyweight fitness trainer. It it my travel companion of choice because it’s lightweight, compact, and so versatile. All you need is a doorway and you have a great workout waiting for you! Here is a great one:

Similar to TRX straps and far less expensive. Since it’s designed to use your own bodyweight, you can truly make it as easy or challenging as you desire. For instance, in the pushup picture above, my feet are pretty far from the straps. This means I’m lifting more of my body weight and makes this exercise far more of a challenge. However, if you are newer to resistance training, you can put your feet closer to the straps so you are lifting less of your weight. It’s truly great for any fitness level! 

Of course, you can also work out with me anywhere you go from your phone! If you are a member at Lisa Lou Fitness, simply log in on the web site, and enjoy our 10 minute HIIT videos! These are designed to be done in smaller spaces (great for travel) and with minimal equipment or just using body weight! Head to to learn more.

Travel can be time consuming and tiring, but it doesn’t take much space or time to get a workout in. Short burst, simple workouts are a great way to balance hormones, save time, burn fat, increase lean muscle mass, and give you a toned, fit look. And how great you’ll feel knowing you didn’t forsake your hard-earned healthy lifestyle!

Here’s to staying the course!
Lisa and Team

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