why savvi?


ATHLEISURE IS EVERYTHING! Fitness is IN – and living life in leggings is even more IN! More than ever, women are living their lives in leggings, sports bras, and cute tops! If you’re going to sell something, it needs to be something people want!


Savvi is still in it’s infancy as we are in prelaunch. Not many people have the opportunity to be part of a ground floor company growing to be a global billion dollar brand. This gives you the chance to grow as the company grows!


This business is SIMPLE. Everything that you need to grow this business has already been done for you. All you have to do is plug-in and start sharing! Plus, I’ll be with you every step of the way!

why not work and have fun at the same time?


WATCH this brief overview of what Savvi is, where we are and where we are going!


No matter if you are heading to the gym, meeting the girls for coffee, picking up the kids from school or having a date night we’ve got you covered!

frequently asked questions

Available to Customers or Brand Partners:


✓ Receive a $100 Shopping Credit

✓ Multi-Use over 30 Days

✓ If not used, get a curated box

✓ Qualified for 15% off Retail (Customers)

✓ FOUR $25 Share Codes for Brand Partners

Brand Partners get 25% off Retail prices.

– All of our product lines are available no matter how someone gets started with Savvi.
– Customers subscribed to the $99 Style Box will see pricing about 15% less than what they would pay for store bought brands.
Our 3 fashion lines are:
– Savvi Fit, Savvi Everyday, and Savvi Luxe
– All of our items are designed by world-class fashion designers with over 20-years experience in the industry.
– To see more of the clothes go here: http://www.savvi.pixieset.com
Similar to many companies, customers and “stylists” have 2 weeks from the date of receipt to return the item in original condition to Savvi for credit or exchange.
– Every Brand Partner has a unique link they send to customers in order to create a login (email/password)
– Once they have login credentials, they can download the Savvi Shop or just go to savvi.com and they can shop! It’s Easy!
NO! All products are drop shipped directly to your customers. You only buy what you genuinely want to wear yourself or give to friends!
That it’s simple! Brand Partners start earning right away by referring customers and helping others do the same!
See More Here >> https://shrlnk.me/67A7B6
– A system of SUCCESS that’s part of the FASTEST growing team in SAVVI
– We have an entire resource and training website set up just for you!
– DAILY online overviews you can invite friends to learn more about SAVVI – we do all of the work for you!
– Access to our Facebook Group communities where you can add potential customers and Brand Partners so they can learn more about SAVVI!
– DAILY empower hours where you’ll learn how to grow your network, share SAVVI and market the RIGHT WAY on social media!
– WEEKLY team calls to learn what our top leaders are doing to grow their SAVVI business.

want more info before jumping in?!

Check out this short video to learn more! I can’t wait to have you as part of the team!

Our Clothing Line

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Our Clothing Line

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld